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 Alberta Companies For Sale

        Looking for a business that has a good track record of solid profit and satisfied customers should be the main focus.         You should always  pay attention to the potential of growth and the long term life of the product.

Check out these Businesses For Sale

Alberta Promotional Event Lighting Bus.

       Western Canada premier event lighting and promotional company is now for sale.  No competition, 10 years in operation, state of the art computer controlled search lights and other equipment to promote galas, openings, special events and sporting competitions. Can be run part time with great returns. For more information contact Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca

Alberta Residential/Commercial Water Conditioning Business

       Thirty One years a very successful business for sale.  Monthly rentals with a built in finance company.  Solid customer referral satisfaction being promoted by radio, tv.  This residential product is tax deductible.  About $300,000 inventory.  For more information contact Howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca

Alberta(central) Contemporary Modern Florist

      Established profitable, and successful for over 50 years, this florist is for sale.  The sales are $300,000 per year, the terms are right, the training is included and the owner is looking for a buyer as they are moving to a different part of Alberta. The lease cost is only $1592 per month for 1915 square feet and the shop displays look great. For more information call Howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca 

Alberta (central) Drycleaner For Sale

      Very well established family business for sale.  This successful business has been operating for over 40 years. The sales are over $400,000 per year and the machinery has always been carefully  maintained . Most of the sales come in over the front counter making it a stable  operation.   For more information on this business contact Howard at email   howard@businessresource.ca.

Alberta (central) Well Drilling Ser Equip Rental

      Rapidly growing central Alberta well servicing and equipment rental business for sale.  Profits ranging in the $500,000.  Turn-key, full time management and qualified staff.  Asking 1.95 million with lots of potential expansion.  Clients even now asking for more equipment.  The owners are retiring.  Give Kevin a call at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Alberta (N central) Family Entertainment Chain

      Family entertainment chain for sale in northern Alberta.  This business has two locations with a large selection of new release DVD’s, videogames, fireworks and snacks.  The sales range from $100,000 to $400,000 depending on the size of the town. Very little competition.  For more information contact Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Alberta (NW) Drycleaner For Sale

      Long time established drycleaner for sale.  Great sales which includes Laundromats in 2 locations, janitorial supplies, mat rentals and even a bottle water store. The annual sales are $600,000 with no competition located in this community. The owner is ready to retire after helping the buyer become established.  For more information contact howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.  

Canadian Advertising Businesses for Sale

        A perfect opportunity for bolstering your retirement income and only working a few hours per week. Openings are ready for the region of Saskatoon, Regina and Ontario. The purchase includes orientation, sales assistance, bookkeeping, P.O.S system, credit card processing and assistance through monthly conference calls. Call Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca and he will explain all the details of this opportunity with the Shepherd’s Guide Advertising organization.

Drayton Valley Drycleaner for Sale

         Established 25 year drycleaner for sale.  Very clean, nicely laid out, good equipment, well run, good solid customer base and all the $95,000 annual sales come over the front counter with no pick up costs .  For more information on this opportunity call  howard@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton Drycleaner For Sale

        Great longtime well known drycleaner for sale in Edmonton.  Located in the central part of the city it has a strong pick up and delivery wholesale operation.  It is well know for it’s wedding  gown department.   Professional leather and suede cleaning, dying and repair has been available for years. The sales are on the plus side of $300,000. For more information on this business you can contact Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton Exotic Meat Shop

        Exotic meat shop for sale specializing in buffalo, elk, wild boar and much more. 12 years of success in business.  The asking price is only $149,000 and comes with a large cooler, refrigerated display cases and all the cutting and wrapping equipment.  For more information on this business contact Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca

Edmonton Framing Shop For Sale

         Long time 35 year framing shop is now for sale. The owner wants to retire. Now someone can purchase this shop including all the inventory for only $105,000. This is a great niche market business located in a busy location. Of course the owner is willing to carefully train the buyer. For more information call Kevin at  info@businessforsalealberta.ca 

Edmonton Hydro-Vac Dealership

         Long time  established sales and rental Hydro-Vac dealership for sale. This business is showing strong growth even in soft economic times as their target market is the Utility and Municipal sector.  The sales are over 3 million with very little completion and nice profits. The type of units sold is the key to the great market share in Western Canada. For more information contact Murray at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton Sewing Machine Business

      Thriving Sewing Machine Centre now for sale.  Two busy locations focusing on Home, Quilting machines,  Commercial (leather) machines, and notions.   A healthy business that needs nothing.  The owner wants to retire.  For more information call Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton Toy Soldier Domain & Website

       15 years of successful internet presence with over 400 subscribers and hundreds of pictures.  The owner has closed the active business due to health reasons. Excellent opportunity for someone to jumpstart this business with the basics ready to go and all the training necessary.  For more information on this website call Howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton Vacuum Retail and Service Business

Here is an opportunity.  The owner wants to retire.  This 20 year retail business handling multiple brands and types of vacuum machines is ready for purchase at fair price.  They have a full service department with thousands of dollars of repair parts. Here is important factor.  They have two exclusive high profit brands that of course are included in the purchase.  For more information you can email  howard@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton  Yoga Studio

      Don’t miss out on the next big thing in mind, body and soul revolution.  The first prototype in hot yoga studio is for sale.  Soon to be found all over the world.  It includes first right of refusal on future Edmonton locations. Secured with an investment of only $198,000. Contact Kevin at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton(area) Denture Clinic

         Very established and successful for 18 years. This business is doing  over $300,000 in sales with low overhead costs and a strong personal customer image. For more information on this business opportunity you can email Kevin  at  info@businessresource.ca

Edmonton(area) Drycleaner for sale

        Long time drycleaner ready to retire in the Edmonton area. This operation has upgraded equipment with annual sales of $70,000.  This business can be purchased a very reasonable price.  For more information contact Kevin at info@businessresource.ca

Edmonton (area) Retail Boot and Shoe Repair Shop

       25 year successful shoe repair shop which also carries and sells a large selection of work boots, cowboy boots and hats for men and ladies.  This business is located in a busy plaza, high density, good traffic area. It has almost no competition.  The owner wants to retire. For more information contact Murray at  info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton(area) Safety & Workwear Retail Store

         2006 established, successful safety and work wear store is available as the owner wants to retire. Over the years the owner has invested heavily into business plans, manuals, operational binders, inventory and equipment opening the door for a new owner to expand the operation with a strong sales force and even the option to franchise.  To add to the sales volume this business offers services such as drycleaning, cleaning supplies, coverall rentals, mat cleaning and soap dispensers. For more information on this business contact Howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.  

Edmonton (area) Trailer Dealership

         Time to retire. This very successful trailer dealership is established and profitable with a great customer relations track record.  It sells utility, cargo, car, tilt decks, tank type, gooseneck, flat decks and more with a variety of doors, ramps etc. Now grossing 2.5 million in sales.  If you think this business may be a fit for you give Howard a call at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

Edmonton(area) Truck Body Manufacturer

        26 year established truck body and box manufacturer for sale.  Great operation with about 2 million in sales and better than average profit. It has a strong well known customer relations quality image. The owner wants to retire. For more information call Howard at the email  howard@businessforsalealberta.ca

Edmonton (east) Drycleaner For Sale

     Edmonton(east) drycleaner for sale.  This 4000 square foot commercially located drycleaner is capable of handling up to 12 drycleaning depots.  The plant is new with all new equipment.  Very well laid out production operation.
     The first successful depot is operating with three more coming on stream within the next three months. Within six months the projected sales will range from $40,000 to $50,000 per month.  The asking price is only $270,000, so this is a bargain for the right person seeking to expand. For more information on this business contact Howard at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

  N. Battleford Drycleaner

          Great family business for sale, owner wants to retire. This longtime drycleaner has $135,000 in sales with no competition and they own their own building. They have updated drycleaning and laundry equipment. Great set up for a new business owner as the owner is will to train the buyer.   For more information email howard@businessforsalealberta.

Rocky Mountain Drycleaner for Sale

           Very well established drycleaner for sale.  The owner wants to retire.  This drycleaner is doing $200,000 in sales, fully equipped for drycleaning and laundry in a 2500 square foot area. Solid front counter business with good sales in coverall cleaning. The machinery has been maintained properly over the years.  Excellent lease rate of only $1250 per month with the asking price of only $195,000.  For more information contact Howard at  howard@businessforsalealberta.ca

Edmonton(Castle Downs) Pizzeria for Sale

        Large Pizza & Donair restaurant for sale.  This business has a successful for 15 years and has good customer volume and takeout business. Located in a busy shopping plaza. This turnkey operation is available for only $ 120,000.  Contact Kevin by email at info@businessforsalealberta.ca.

 Wetaskiwin Florist Shop for Sale

          Great family business that has been established for many years. Beautiful layout, 2800 square feet main floor showroom and 1000 square feet 2nd floor storage. The annual sales are about $360,000 which also includes silk and plastic flower arrangements sales and wedding rental item sales. The current staff could stay on if requested. The owner is willing to train for a couple of months. The building could be negotiated for purchase.  The asking price for the business is $200,000.  For more information contact howard@businessforsalealberta.ca.

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